Sabtu, 29 April 2017

How to make a doll from wool yarn
Tools and materials :
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Manila paper
  • Wool yarn
  • Pencil
  • Key chain 
  • Glass
Step :
First, create a circle using the bottom of the glass, after the circle is formed then scissors of paper according to the shape of the circle
Second, make a small circle using the scissor handle and cut out the center of the circle to form a hole
Third, wrap the wool thread into the circle until all the parts are covered with yarn After all parts covered by wool yarn then open the manila paper wrapped in the thread and then thread the scissors slowly
Fourth, tie the woolen thread to the center of the circle that has been cut so that the yarn is round, trim yarn by cutting out uneven parts
Fifth, make a pom pom bigger than before after so comb the small pom pom and pom pom big using glue
Sixth, make a small circle using manila paper then make a black circle as doll eyes
Seventh, stick the eye on the pom pom small
Eighth, cut it out of different colored wool yarn along 1 cm and then paste at the bottom of the eye
Lastly, put a key ring on the top of a doll


Jumat, 14 April 2017

Uit 1 Profession Of An Economist

  1. Why have you chosen the profession of an economist?
           Because suggested by the my  teacher senior high school.

     2. Would you like for a company, teach economic disciplines at university or operate your own economic business?
        I want to teach economic disciplines at University because i wanted to maner the science of economic, i want to become professionality educators and student can give birth to children who are able compete in the era of globalization.

     3. Do you think you have enterpreneurial flair or talent? What trais is a succesful businessman supposed to prossess?
           Yes, i do. The characteristics must a businessman is honest, responsible, hardworking, and patient.

Ask An Expert


Karate (空手?) (English /kəˈrɑːt/; Japanese pronunciation: [kaɽate] (listen); Okinawan pronunciation: IPA: [kaɽati]) is a martial art developed in the Ryukyu Kingdom. It developed from the indigenous martial arts of Ryukyu Islands (called te (?), "hand"; tii in Okinawan) under the influence of Chinese martial arts, particularly Fujian White Crane. Karate is now predominantly a striking art using punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open-hand techniques such as knife-hands, spear-hands, and palm-heel strikes. Historically, and in some modern styles, grappling, throws, joint locks, restraints, and vital-point strikes are also taught. A karate practitioner is called a karateka (空手家).

Now, I will be interviewing one of those talented in martial arts karate,He named Andreas Jecki,he is Tanjungpura University students who take education courses Indonesian language and literature, he comes from Sanggau district, West Kalimantan.

Here's my conversation with andreas on the expertise 
Me: Why did you choose the art of karate?
Andre: Actually, I personally do not have a reason why chose karate, for me karate is an appropriate exercise for maintaining health, and I had to learn martial targets more than one as the development of abilities

Me:  according to you, what makes karate different from other martial arts?
Andre: Which makes karate different from other martial arts is the meaning of the oath of perguruannya five, namely the first one capable of maintaining the personality, which both can adhere to honesty, capable of enhancing the achievements third, fourth capable of keeping the courtesy, and the latter is able to control myself. The fifth oath is always pronounced before and after exercise, besides karate in Indonesia has always taught us to respect other people, a gym, and uphold the red and white.

Me: Where do you usually practice?
Andre: during the past three years I practiced at SMA 02 Sekayam and henceforth I will join Untan Karate Club.
Me: What's the name of your coach during high school?
Andre: His name Heru
Me: Since when did you pursue karate martial arts?
Andre:  I pursue karate martial arts since the tenth grade in high school, and praise the Lord during practice I have never experienced anything undesirable.
Me: During these three years, whether you've followed the tournament?
Andre: During the three years of training, my personal experience in the tournament twice, the first tournament Praise God O2SN and won first prize in the category of committees son grade 61. In the second tournament that I should be tolerant POPDA with my defeat.
Me: How do you develop these skills?

Andre: For me, karate is not a skill but a hobby, and my way to develop it is to practice. However, as the bottom line of exercise should be from the heart, that is to be enthusiastic and focused on cue from coach, which aims to train reflexes.

Selasa, 21 Maret 2017

 I can not imagine life without water. Every living thing on earth needs water to survive, ranging from humans, animals, and plants. Humans need water for survival because humans need water for drinking, bathing, and washing. Animals need water to drink and refresh the body, there are even some animals that can not live without the water that fish and marine mammals. Plants need water to cultivate an extract from the ground. Plants that grow because of the water was in the end will be eaten by humans and animals, so the water is very important role in life on earth.
What can be done if the human being to survive without water? want to drink can not, can not want to eat, want to cleanse the body was not able to. If there is no water may be life on Earth will be very chaotic.
It is therefore, while there is still water is available we should to use it wisely.

Senin, 20 Maret 2017

Moral values

Today March 21th 2017  our students FKIP economic education learning English at the American Corner University of Tanjungpura, but the room American Corner that usually we use today can not be used because there are guests who will use the room, and then we use the room BCLC (British Culture Learning Centre), there we read a story book, and I read a book called "A YETI IN TOWN" in the book there are moral values, namely: do not see anything from the outside and be grateful for what you have because it looks beautiful is not necessarily the best for you.

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

My skill

My skills are in the field of art, the art tari.saya like dance because I think with dancing in addition to the beauty of the movement, we can maintain the health of our bodies, other than that ith my dancing can also participate melestarika wisdom of the nation's culture. I started dancing since junior high, when I hone in Lampung dance by going on one of the dance studio was not far from my house, when practicing at the studio before doing the dance moves we warm up and fitness it is intended that when performing the dance moves we're injured, heating and body work must be performed prior to the dancing activities, because if not, people who perform dance movements will be injured as muscle spasm and the beginning doing body work seemed very difficult, but after some time to do it, I felt it was a fun thing.
I develop my dancing skills by following the festival's,school events, custom events and weddings.
This time I entered the dance studio student associations HMP PDE FKIP UNTAN,so i can continue to train and develop my skills in the field of dance, by continuing to train and develop my skills I hope to gain more experience and equipped to train the next generation at a later date,so that the knowledge I have wasted and this is one way for me to help preserve the Indonesia national culture.

Selasa, 07 Maret 2017

Tugas Vocabulary

Profession of an economist
 1.   Vocabulary
Society            : masyarakat
Goods             : barang-barang
Labor              : tenaga kerja
Effor               : usaha
Satisfy             : memberi kepuasan
Analyze           : menganalisa
Determine       : menentukan
Benefits           : kebaikan
Employed        : dipekerjakan
Engage             : mengikutsertakan
Develop           : berkembang
Theoretical      : teroris
Provide            : menyediakan
Government    : pemerintah
Wears              : pemakaian
Forecast           : ramalan
Half                 : paruhan/separuh
Gains               : laba
Loses               : kehilangan
Useful             : berguna
Investment      : investasi
Firms               : perusahaan/firma
French             : orang prancis/prancis
Existence         : adanya/keadaan
Assured           : percaya
Fringe              : pinggiran
Prefers             : lebih suka
Risktaking       : mengambil resiko
Initiative          : inisiatif
Employee        : pegawai/pekerja
Percentage       : presentase
Measured        : telah diperhitungkan
Increase           : pertambahan
Regarded        : menghormati
Wage               : gaji
Independence : kemerdekaan,kebebasan
Tax                  : pajak
Revenues         : pendapatan
Resorces          : sumber penghasilan

Exercise 1
1.      Check
2.      Monitor
3.      Monitor
4.      Control
5.      Control

Exercise 2
1)      Costs (n)                : P. 1, L : 6 meaning expenses, outlay
2)      Monitor (v)            : P. 5, L : 2 meaning control, manage
3)      Flair(n)                  : P. 4, L : 5 meaning skill, talent, inclination
4)      Entrepreneur (n)    : p. 4, L : 3 meaning employer
5)      Forecast (n)           : P. 3, L : 1 meaning prediction
6)      Provide (v)            : P. 2, L : 4 meaning supply, equip, outfit
7)      Job-setting (n)       : P. 2, L : 1 meaning place of work
8)      Liable(a)                : P. 5, L : 4 meaning responsible

Exercise 3
1.      Self-employed means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
2.      An entrepreneurial is a person who sets up business and business deals .
3.      A tycoon is a person who is successful in business and so has become rich and powerful .
4.     The industry will have to pass its increased benefits or fringe benefits on to the consumer .
5.      The management will qualify  accommodation, food and drink for thirty people .
6.      He as alwas been liable for his children .
7.      The provide of the job include a car and free health insurance .
8.      He won’t  forecasts as an economist until next year.
9.    An individual hoping to start up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial flair or telent .
10.   Unfortunately coasts of higher profist did not come true .
11.   Economists are concerned with the production distribution and consumption .